If you are interested in visiting Papua New Guinea, the Sepik River is the best travel experience for you. Our 6-day Sepik River Tours adventure along Papua New Guinea's legendary Sepik River includes a pickup at Wewak airport and all transportation (upon arrival), lodging, and food as we explore the following:

Sepik River

The Sepik River is the lifeline of Papua New Guinea. Wander through one of the most remote, densely forested, and scenic rivers in the world. You will go on hikes, meet local tribes, and spend time in some of the most remote villages in the world.

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Mushu Island

Muschu Island is one of the most charming remote islands you will ever visit. Beyond its pristine beaches, clear-blue water, and palm trees, you will have a friendly local host, welcoming locals, great hikes, world-class snorkeling, World War 2 artifacts, and the freshest seafood.

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Villages & Tribes

While other tour companies take you to cheesy and fake "cultural" villages, we show you how real people live, work, and play on the Sepik River. While other villages are tourist traps for souvenirs, the locals you will meet will be friendly, welcoming, and genuine.

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