Our 6-day Sepik River tour is the ultimate ecotourism experience in Papua New Guinea. We focus on an authentic experience, so expect an unforgettable trip, but no first class amenities.

It begins with a pickup from Wewak Airport and is all-inclusive (guide, bus and boat transportation, food, lodging, water, etc.). You will not have to pay a penny beyond arrival except for any souvenirs or beer you would like to buy.

During the 6 days, you will travel down the Sepik River, visit with local villages and tribes, relax on and explore a pristine island, and have an unforgettable experience in one of the world's last real off-the-beaten-path destinations.


Sepik River

3 days, 2 nights

The Sepik River is the lifeline of Papua New Guinea. Wander through one of the most remote, densely forested, and scenic rivers in the world. You will go on hikes, meet local tribes, and spend time in some of the most remote villages in the world. Learn more about the Sepik River.

Mushu Island

3 days, 2-3 nights

Mushu Island (Muschu) is one of the most charming remote islands you will ever visit. Beyond its pristine beaches, clear-blue water, and palm trees, you will have a friendly local host, fun-filled children, great hikes, world-class snorkeling, World War 2 artifacts, and the freshest seafood. Learn more about Mushu Island.


Any remaining time needed

Wewak is the capital of the East Sepik province of Papua New Guinea and as the closest airport to the Sepik River (and only 3-4 hours away), it is considered the river's gateway. It's a quiet and charming small city with a few good restaurants, supply shops, and picturesque landscapes. Learn more about Wewak.