Mushu Island Overview

Once you arrive to Muschu Island, Papua New Guinea, you won't ever want to leave. A 30-minute boat ride from Wewak and just past Yuo Island, Mushu Island is one of the most charming remote islands you will ever visit. Nearly untouched by travelers, you will experience pristine beaches and palm trees, postcard-style ocean water and coral, and a small collection of villages that are friendly and welcoming.

You will stay in a small, family-run guesthouse on Muschu Island. The small bamboo rooms are right on the ocean and you will fall asleep to the waves crashing just a few feet away from you. Your host, Clement and Dorothy, will make sure you are comfortable, well fed, and having fun. Clement will also show you around the island where you will go on beautiful hikes through the jungle, meet the local villages, play with the energetic children, visit spirit houses and churches, and take in breathtaking scenes at nearly every turn. The island has artifacts from old World War 2 battles, including several American plane wrecks and the remains of a German vehicle. You will also have access to canoes and world-class snorkeling.

You will eat fresh seafood each day (usually caught minutes before the meal), drink fresh coconut water straight from the source, and eat fresh pineapples, bananas, and papaya.

Things to do on Mushu Island

  • Relax on the beach
  • Hike
  • Snorkel
  • Canoe
  • Fish
  • Explore WW2 wrecks
  • Eat seafood, fruits, and coconuts
  • Hang out with locals

Get to Mushu Island

We will arrange boat transportation to Mushu Island for you. There is one daily shared boat ride each direction and private rides can be arranged for the remaining times of the day.

Where to Stay on Mushu Island

We will arrange a guesthouse right on the ocean. It's designed for the ecotourist and you will live in similar conditions as the locals. There will be a mosquito net on the bed and some (but limited) access to electricity.