There is less information and tourism infrastructure than almost any other travel destination in the world. This is what makes it such a special place, but also can make it confusing. Don't worry, we are here to help in any way. Here are the few most common questions we get about Papua New Guinea travel.

Is Papua New Guinea safe?

Yes! Although, unlike most countries, a guide is essential. There are tribes with ongoing conflicts (which can easily be avoided by a local who knows). We also recommend skipping Port Moresby. There isn't much to see and there is a lot of crime like many big, poor capital cities around the world.

How do I get to Papua New Guinea? How do I get to the Sepik River?

Several airlines fly to Port Moresby (POM), the capital city. To find cheap fares to Papua New Guinea, flights from northern Australia (Darwin, Cairns, Townsville) are usually the best.

To get to the Sepik River, you will fly from Port Moresby to Wewak (WWK). There are only two airlines that accommodate these routes: Air Niugini and PNG Air. Plan for some extra time as flights are often delayed in Papua New Guinea.

What kind of accommodation should I expect in Papua New Guinea?

Our tours provide an authentic eco-travel experience. You will have running water, electricity, and mosquito nets, but do not expect any luxuries beyond that.

What is included with Sepik River Tours?

Our package includes your guide, bus and boat transportation, food, lodging, water, and local tipping during the time of the tour. You will not have to pay a penny beyond arrival.

You will be responsible for purchasing airfare to arrive in Wewak. You will also be responsible for any optional purchases you decide to make (e.g., souvenirs, beer).

Where else should I visit in Papua New Guinea?

The reason we created our tours were because this was a challenging question to figure out. We recommend visiting the Sepik River combined with a small island to get the best Papua New Guinea travel experience. However, if you have more time, other recommended experiences are the 96km Kokoda Track, the diving at Kimbe Bay, the surfing and diving at Kavieng, and the peaks of Mt. Wilhelm.

Learn more about the places included in our Sepik River tours here: Sepik River, Mushu Island, Wewak.


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