WEWAK Overview

Wewak is a small town that is the perfect point for your Papua New Guinea adventures. It has one of the country's few established airports, is the closest airport to the Sepik River (~4 hours drive), and is short boat ride to some beautiful islands. It has a few guesthouses and restaurants, as well as some shops that can be used to purchase any remaining clothes, food, or medicine that you need for your trip.

Wewak was once the site of a large Japanese airbase during World War II, which is why several nearby plane wrecks can be found.

Things to do in Wewak

Sepik River Tours: Traveling down the Sepik River is one of the best and most unique travel experiences you can have in the world. See breathtaking landscapes, meet diverse villages and tribes, and see how life has remained uninterrupted for hundreds of years. Learn more about the Sepik River or book your Sepik River Tours.

Mushu (Muschu) Island: Mushu Island is one of the most charming remote islands you will ever visit. Nearly untouched by travelers, you will experience pristine beaches and palm trees, postcard-style ocean water and coral, and a small collection of villages that are friendly and welcoming. Learn more about Mushu Island.

Yuo Island: Yuo Island is a small island on the way to Mushu Island with beautiful beaches, coconut treets, and great snorkeling.

Beach: Wewak has their own beach. While not as nice as the nearby islands, you will find many locals swimming and a striking shipwreck peaking out of the water.

Japanese Memorial Peace Park: There is a peace park that built on top of a mass grave for Japanese troops.

Wewak Hotels

We recommend staying on Mushu Island if you have a few days, but if you need a hotel in Wewak, there are a few good places to stay for each budget.

  • Luxury: In Wewak Boutique Hotel is a beautiful, clean, and the town's only luxury option.
  • Mid-range: Village Inn Hotel and Seaview Hotel offer mid-range accommodations and a no-frills bars with excellent views of the bay.
  • Guesthouse: CBC Guesthouse is church-run, friendly, and safe.
  • Hostel: If you walk out the front door of In Wewak Boutique, and go straight down the road in front of you, there is a small guesthouse with shared rooms. The beds are small mattresses on the floor, but they are very inexpensive and the owner is very friendly.

WEWAK Restaurants

If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Wewak, most guesthouse offers meals and there is a small market near the main bus stop. Wewak's main restaurant and the best place to eat in Wewak is at the In Wewak Boutique Hotel. Prices are slightly more expensive than alternative options, but reasonable to international standards.

Wewak shopping

Near the town's main bus stop, down the hill from Wewak Town, there are lots of shops. Almost all are Chinese-run and bare bones, but you can find any of your essentials on the main street.

WEWAK Airport

The Wewak airport is a small domestic airport that is a short bus ride out of the city. You can catch infrequent, but typically daily, flights to Port Moresby (POM), Lae, and Madang. to Wewak (WWK). There are only two airlines that accommodate these routes: Air Niugini and PNG Air. Plan for some extra time as check-ins are often chaotic at the Wewak Airport and flights are often delayed throughout Papua New Guinea.

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